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We are providing best quality and high security based SOFTWARE,WEBSITE,COMPUTER HARDWARE & NETWORKING Services at reliable cost
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We can offer your company a support and service contract to keep your business' computer systems and network at peak performance. The service contract includes regular scheduled maintenance for all systems and equipment at an agreed service level and cost.

Computer Maintenance
AMC OF Computers and Network : We Provide Complete solution of Computer and Networking annual contract basis. we have the well experienced and certified engineer for our field work and service centre. Our all support engineer are certified i.e. MCSE, MCSD, CCNA, CCNP.

  • Support services are available at a very low price and in case of major breakdown, standby machine is available.
  • Technical support is available at your place within short time
  • Online support is offered during office hours, at your service through phone/ internet.
  • We offer solutions to your hardware problems, at your place, to reduce your machines down time.
  • We are equipped with a team of highly energetic professionals.
  • During major breakdowns, we provide standby parts if it is to be repaired through us/ to be replaced through us.
  • We serve you to get parts repaired at competitive charges in case of major breakdowns and arrange parts at best prices available in the industry.

On-site support

We offer phone and on-site support of desktop and server operating systems as well as support for a wide range of hardware. We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service. When you call us we assign you with an experienced technician who can provide you with an 'end-to-end' resolution to your problem. Your technician will assess your situation, before recommending a course of action. If it is necessary to buy new parts or software than the technician will install these and ensure that you have a working system.

Rest assured that Clear Intentions keeps track of your support history so that we can maintain the continuity of care that you expect and trust.

Off-site / remote systems management

For fast, efficient more cost-effective support, Clear Intentions can instigate a protocol to manage your company's IT systems remotely. Problems can be fixed quickly with minimum impact on your business and without waiting for a technician. Many tasks can be performed remotely including:

  • Daily back-up of mission critical data
  • Performing security checks
  • Maintenance of user accounts and permissions
  • Network operations and monitoring
  • Server performance monitoring

    Telephone support on-demand

    when small problems come up that can be solved over the telephone, we have technicians available to talk you through the solution. Telephone support is charged out on 15 minute increments making it a cheap, fast and efficient way to solve small problems.

Networking - LAN, WAN, VPN

Connect your staff, customers and partners

Put simply, our networking service is beneficial for offices that wish to share resources such as a printer or internet connection among two or more computers. Our services include:

  • Internet sharing (ADSL, cable or dial-up modem)
  • Network installation
  • Wireless network installation
  • Support of networked PCs at home
  • Automatic back-up systems to a local or remote drive
  • Cabling service for networks.

Networking - LAN, WAN, VPN

The Network Services Division has a diverse range of options to suit your environment. Clear Intentions can assist you in designing a network-computing infrastructure from the ground up or can provide advice on upgrading an existing network.

  • These networks function as local area networks (LAN's) connecting computers together in an office environment.
  • We also offer services that will connect branch offices whether it is in another building or another city - wide area networks (WAN's).
  • To access your company network from home or away from the office, a virtual private network (VPN) is used to provide secure, encrypted network communications between a network and a remote host or other remote network over the public internet.

Network installation

After designing a suitable data network solution, Clear Intentions will devise a thorough installation plan. An installation plan will take into account your organisation's hours of operations and any other special needs you may have. Our relationship with top-tier hardware and software vendors ensures that we have access to the latest networking products at the lowest prices.

Support & maintenance

Clear Intentions offers a range of network support solutions. We understand that your business relies on its network to function at all times. Below is a list of services that we offer to ensure that your network delivers maximum availability to your business, the way you expect it to.

  • On-site support to trouble-shoot and resolve hardware or software faults on your network
  • Benchmark Performance testing
  • Periodical health check-ups for you network
  • Assistance with adding, moving or changing any part of your network including networking hardware and desktop workstations.

Management & security

Our range of security and network management services includes installation of firewall security solutions (hardware and software based), security audits to ensure that your network is safe from inside and out and hardware audit and asset tracking of all networking equipment.


Clear Intentions offers a professional cabling service to ensure that all your cabling needs are met. Cabling and associated services include:

  • LAN / Office cabling - installed in ducted and non-ducted premises
  • Structured cabling service for building back-bone
  • Moves, adds and changes to your existing cabling infrastructure
  • Cable patching and patch panel installations
  • See how we installed a new network and computers with zero downtime

For Detail Query related price,AMC & other services please contact us.