Detail of Projects:

    Recurring Deposit System:

           This project is usful to agent of Recurring Deposit System of Post Office where he can manage RDS money for his customers and submit report to Post Office. It can automatically calculate what amount of money a customer can deposit,defaultors & their late fee. It helps to agent to view at a glance that to whom he collect RDS money from his customer.

    Hospital Management:

           It is basically used to generate daily report, for all the patients of the hospital. Each and every daily report contains how much bed occupied by the patients in the Male or Female. How many died in the last month. Each and every discharge report contains Name of patients, Date of admit and discharge, Attendant, All type of charges and Total fee paid.

           Also it can manage staff and their playbills of the hospital. We can also handle medicine and stationary store department through this project.

    Doctor's Notebook:

           It is used to manage Income,Expenses and detail of Patient for any Doctor's Clinic.Income can be calculated from Patient source and other charges such as room charges,nursing,doctor's visit,medicine,etc.

    Computer Shop Management:

           It is used to manage customer's complaint about computer hardware and accessories, whom to assign jobs,when problem be solved, etc. Also all information can be shared among employees.

    School Management:

           School Management Project is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. This project allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching meteorites etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.

    Gas Agency:

           It include supplying of gas to various customers, to maintain the reorder level of the gas cylinders, and to standardize the price of the gas cylinders. The details of the various customers are maintained.The stock that is available with the gas agency is also recorded.There are various reports have been generated such as customer report, daily report, weekly report, date wise report and stock report. This project has automated the operations of a gas agency completely.

    Gymnasium Management:

           It is used to manage members,employees and inventory of Gym. This project record the details of members such as type of membership,account information and other details.This project also gives schedule for employees. You can manage inventory of Gym.

    Milk Sale:

           It is used to manage Agent,Milk type,Units,Orders and Daily Sales Report.

    Pharmaceutical Project:

           This Project is aimed at automation of a pharmaceutical industry.It provides a comprehensive ERP Management of any pharmaceutical industry. Pharma – RP is designed to help manufactured – to – order (MTO) and Engineered – to – order (ETO) manufacturers integrate design and manufacturing streamline production costs by shortening cycle time, curtailing human dependencies and avoiding errors in Data entry, Data storage and Analysis.

       It manage raw material,finished product material,quality control,material requisition,etc.

    Hotel Management:

           This project offers accommodation,meals & other services to local and foreign guest. Half board refers to dinner,bed and breakfast.It gives record of every kind of meals,services,checkin & checkout time,detail of customer at a glance as well as auto calculate bills.